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Deluxe Bulldogs For Sale is home of beautiful quality and healthy AKC English bulldog puppies for adoption USA Canada. Breeder of cutest English bulldogs and French bulldogs. Merle Rare Color Tri Color triple carrier lilac tan blue eyes merle pets for sale

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Our Happy and Satisfied Customers

This is our 3rd puppy from you and our 2nd Bulldog. Your entire crew made our experience a great one. We cannot say enough about the quality of your puppies, your staff and their service. Thanks for everything!

- Ann Johnson, Arizona

We bought a 2 month old Bulldog puppy from you guys. In fact it's a great puppy from a great store. Quite simply put, we can’t be happier!

- Debbie, South CA

My family and I are very happy with our new puppy and with the service that Deluxe Bulldogs provided. Everything was awesome! We got our first puppy from you a couple of years back and just got another Pekingese. We recommend Deluxe Bulldogs to everyone we know!

- Luis Aurora, Cincinnati OH

We purchased our English Bulldog in May of 2019. We had a good experience! Your staff was very helpful and not pushy at all. We were able to take our time and decide which puppy was best for our family. Thanks much!

- Marcus Lombard, Snellville GA

Your dog was an amazing help to us. when purchasing, your staff answered all of my questions and did not make me feel pressured at all. Thanks!!

- Eileen, Augusta Ga

Our first puppy was an English bulldog. She is a wonderful addition to our family. She blended well into our busy household and was always right in the thick of things. She loves to give bear hugs and snuggle, all 35lbs. hmmmm...! you guys are amazing.

- Debbie, Lockport IL

Hi,Thought I'd send you a quick picture of Mr. Mario and tell you how in love with this dog my husband and I are. I take him to classes and he is so smart! He can Army crawl for his dad and it's so adorable.Thanks for being a wonderful breeder.

- Nicole and Mike, Decatur IL

Our puppy is doing just fine. He fits in just perfect. He and Jeremie just love each other. We are so happy to have him with us. Thank you for sending to us such a wonderful puppy! Here are some cute pictures of him and Jeremie.

- Caitlin N. from Kansas

I want to start off by saying thank you for being such an outstanding breeder. You obviously produce beautiful dogs ( goofy maybe lol ) but you go out of your way to help the Bulldog community anyway you can. All while still having time to offer help and advice to all of your One of a Kind family!

- Stacy Mattice, Houston TX

Thank you so much for my family I couldn't tell you enough! We got Rhino then Gingerbread and lastly our new squishy cuty is Scrappy! They all love it and the toy & treats! Thank you Deluxe bulldogs for my big happy family!!!! Well be back again! - Purchased 3 Pups From Us!

- A. Anderson Ft. Pierce, FL

I am in the process of adding to our family. I made contact with Scott about 3 years ago. I was interested in breeding my Fiona with one of his males. Our Fiona had some hip problems and we decided it was not a good idea to have her become a mommy. Jerry is not like other individuals that are breeding pups. He is a artery to connecting the right pup to the right family. At least that is what he is doing for us. He is patient, informative and is willing to answer any and all questions. He is the best!! Can't wait for our new addition!!!

- Denna M. Pennsylvania, PA

They are great people very kind, helpful, understanding. Would highly recommend them to anyone I know. I will be purchasing more in the future from them.
Thank you so much!

This is the second puppy we have purchased from Deluxe Bulldogs and I can only give positive reviews. Both times we were given photos and both puppies look amazing and have truly been the best two dogs we have ever had. I would recommend Deluxe Bulldogs to anyone looking to buy a great, well taken care of and breed English Bulldogs 100% satisfied customer and dog lover. Thank you Deluxe Bulldogs!

- Christy, Newnan GA

After spending several months searching for an English Bulldog we are so beyond excited we found “Molly”. She has been so well taken care of by a professional reliable & knowledgeable Breeder such as Deluxe Bulldogs. Health records, pedigree & Health guarantee have been all provided. Our family is looking forward to the years to come in enjoining our beautiful “Molly”and hope of getting another Bulldog from Deluxe Bulldogs.

- Hagen Family, Roswell GA

Pleasure to be able to be able to work with Deluxe Bulldogs, very genuine and such great communication. A++++
Highly would recommend Deluxe Bulldogs.

- Eddie Porter, Savannah Georgia

We got Tyson from you on December 14, 2019. Our family decided that we were ready to open our home to a puppy. We decided that Tyson needed a playmate. So we got another puppy from you :0) His name with you was Meatball. When we got him home we decided to call him Cooper. We got Cooper from you on January 7, this year.We want to thank you so much for giving us such wonderful boys. They are truly our daily entertainment and such loves to have in our home. Thank you so much!!!!

- The Miller Family NY

Hi Scott-- Our English Bulldog puppy Mike is doing great! He took to his kennel training and potty training so fast! He's currently 3.5 months old, and he already walks on a leash great, is well-socialized, and can sit, down, wait, roll over, jump up, speak, leave it, and a ton of other basic obedience commands! In searching for our puppy, we did our due diligence researching online and then visiting your property in person. You have a great yard/run area for your pups and dogs; your pups and dogs have so much beautiful chase to run and play. I was impressed with how happy and healthy all of your dogs are. I also enjoyed getting the opportunity to meet the parents of our puppy; they both seemed to have great temperaments. Thanks for a wonderful puppy!

- Lauren W. Faifax, Virginia 

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About Me
That is our focus and that’s exactly what we do. We breed the best bulldogs by breeding with proven pedigrees. Many generations of our own bloodline has given us more confidence than ever in what we are doing.

OUR FOUNDER: Scott Morales


Welcome to Deluxe Bulldogs. I am genuinely thankful for our brand of bulldogs. They have brought my family and myself so much joy and laughter. I am confident that like me, you will see something just a little different – something uniquely better in our bulldogs. My love of dogs goes back to my childhood, and they are still a constant source of fulfillment. When I discovered bulldogs they took this passion to a new level. Now I can sincerely say that you do not understand what you are missing until you own a bulldog!

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