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Deluxe Bulldogs For Sale is home of beautiful quality and healthy AKC English bulldog puppies for adoption USA Canada. Breeder of cutest English bulldogs and French bulldogs. Merle Rare Color Tri Color triple carrier lilac tan blue eyes merle pets for sale

(786) 688-7541

(786) 688-7541


How To Make a Deposit or Complete Payment
Our top priority is to make the payment process swift, secure and safe for our customers. Please read carefully contact at prolivestockbulldogshelters@gmail.comcall us at.. (786) 688-7541
 if you have any questions or concerns.

Deposits are fully refundable. If for some reason you cannot get the puppy you have chosen out of the current litter, your money will be refunded fully or pick another choice of Puppy from our other available ones;

All of our puppies come with AKC Registration, a one (1) year health guarantee, veterinary health check, shot records, and will be up to date on vaccinations. If your puppy is shipped via ground or air, we will also provide the shipping kennel, health certificates, food and water.

When you have chosen your puppy and are ready to make a minimum deposit of $420, please contact us at prolivestockbulldogshelters@gmail.comor call us by phone at (786) 688-7541. We will email you a copy of Puppy contract. We require payment in full and a signed copy of our contract before you can take ownership of your puppy.

For payments, we accept PayPal (Friends and Family option only and add 4% fee), Bank transfers (via ZELLE® for US customers) Instant Payments are accepted as well. With Walmart2Walmart, Money-Gram-MoneyGram Services using our Cashier Info which we provide.
PLEASE e-mail for the proper RECEIVER INFO at prolivestockbulldogshelters@gmail.com

Over PayPal only by choosing the “Family and Friends”. Make the payment through PayPal using the information provided below:

Email address: (Ask for PayPal email address)

Payment option: Family and Friends only and add 4% fee

Note: Be sure to process the transaction using the payment option 'Family and Friends' for instant confirmation and immediate reservation. If transactions is made with payment option 'Goods and Services', payment will be refunded.

We will email you a copy of our contract when payment is confirmed. Be sure to read carefully, fill out the contract with your information, sign it, and send it to our email: prolivestockbulldogshelters@gmail.com with deposit or full payment confirmed. Ask for the amount the deposit, (Normally is $420 or $600 (Exotics colors in English bulldogs) *NON-REFUNDABLE) but it depends the puppy's Color- Fawn color or true color, Markings, Carrier genes, Gender, Full/limited AKC, Pedigree, Age, Structure, etc. You will be provided our contract when the deposit or full payment has been made and confirmed.

Once we receive the deposit and the signed contract we will send you an email with the position in which you lay in the list for choosing your puppy (in case you were in a list). After making deposit & filling out contract, please send an email to prolivestockbulldogshelters@gmail.comwith the contract signed and a proof of payment.

Deposits are Fully refundable. If for some reason the chosen Puppy/Puppies don't match expectations upon arrivals for pickups, client is given the grounds to pick another choice of Puppy from our other available ones Or better still be refunded in cash if by any chance be encountered.

When the deposit becomes available to us via bank account, Zelle, PayPal, Gift Cards Or Wired Pay Services, we must have your contract signed on your behalf. We will sign and send back to you with our Commercial Invoice/Visit Ticket. 

The puppy will be ready to be picked up or We can help our customers with the partial cost of a flight ticket so they can pick up the puppy.
Some times we have guaranteed nanny services, we can ship (with an additional cost of $50-$150) at 2 months of age. We only ship within the United States. (We can consider sending worldwide, but first we must give the cost for nanny services and the buyer must accept and pay that cost for sending the puppy). Once you make your deposit, we will be updating you with all the information about your puppy once you have chosen it. We will be sending you new pictures every week until it reaches 2 months in age, when you will be able to take your new puppy home.
Note: For deposits on future puppies of future litters, please send to us a proof of a deposit to our email: prolivestockbulldogshelters@gmail.com
Please indicate on the email which litter you want to pick a puppy from according to the future breeders available on our web-page.


About Me
That is our focus and that’s exactly what we do. We breed the best bulldogs by breeding with proven pedigrees. Many generations of our own bloodline has given us more confidence than ever in what we are doing.

OUR FOUNDER: Scott Morales


Welcome to Deluxe Bulldogs. I am genuinely thankful for our brand of bulldogs. They have brought my family and myself so much joy and laughter. I am confident that like me, you will see something just a little different – something uniquely better in our bulldogs. My love of dogs goes back to my childhood, and they are still a constant source of fulfillment. When I discovered bulldogs they took this passion to a new level. Now I can sincerely say that you do not understand what you are missing until you own a bulldog!

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