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Adoption Terms

Terms and Conditions

Deluxe Bulldogs’ most IMPORTANT POLICY: If for ANY reason, you, the original purchaser, cannot keep the adopted puppy, you MUST return the puppy/dog to Deluxe Bulldogs. You agree NOT to resale any puppy/dog you purchase from us. Most of the time we will pay the expense to have the puppy/dog returned to us. You will receive an in-house credit for 50-100% of your purchase price according to the circumstance. You or a family member may use the credit at any time for a like puppy. This will be determined by Deluxe Bulldogs on an individual basis. No credit will be applied if the puppy is in poor health or condition due to neglect. 

  • You agree to care of the puppy/dog in a humane manner and be a responsible animal guardian. This includes supplying adequate food, water, shelter, attention, and medical care.
  • You Understand and agree that the current Breeder gives guarantees about the animal's temperament but is not responsible for future damages or injuries caused by the animal in future.
  • You agree to return this puppy/dog to Deluxe Bulldogs in accordance with their First Rights Policy, if for ANY reason you cannot keep said puppy/dog.
  • You give the breeder permission to call your home at any reasonable time to ensure that the animal is being properly treated and cared for.
  • Bulldogs can be High Maintenance Animals. You understand that Deluxe Bulldogs does not pay for or reimburse you for ANY & ALL Vet Bills you may incur in connection with the said animal once you or shippers have possession of the puppy.
  • You understand that although Deluxe Bulldogs aids in making shipping arrangements, You are solely responsible for making arrangements to get your baby safely into your possession. 
  • You understand that all payments made to Deluxe Bulldogs are REFUNDABLE.
  • You agree to keep the breeder informed of your current home address and phone number.
  • Arbitration. All claims and disputes arising under or relating to this Agreement are to be settled by binding arbitration in the state of Georgia. You agree to be bound by all statements in this contract and to be governed by the State of Georgia.

Use of this website and information distributed in conjunction with this website is offered to you on your acceptance of these Terms of service and other notices posted on this website. Your use of this website or of any content presented in any and all areas of the website indicates your acknowledgment and agreement to these Terms of Use, Our Privacy Policy and other notices posted on this website. If you do not agree to be bound by and comply with all of the foregoing, you may not access or use our bulldog information, services, or website.

Our English Bulldog Adoption Process – DELUXE BULLDOGS
As a trusted English Bulldog breeder based in Southwest Georgia We have had the pleasure of placing Deluxe Bulldogs' English bulldogs into loving forever homes all across the country. The personality of each Bulldog puppy is distinctive. We want our babies in the best of homes, thank you for cooperation.

If you are ready to start the adoption process we would be happy to speak with you about bringing an English Bulldog into your family. When you agree, the process is as follows:

Contact us to inquire about our available English Bulldog puppies and to be added to our waiting list:

deluxebulldogsfarm@gmail.com  *(520) 356-0746 

We are happy to provide pictures of our English bulldogs and individual puppies that are available for adoption and offer any information and assistance we can provide you to help you select your forever companion but please keep in mind that our waiting list fills up quickly and we can’t always meet with immediate demands.

There is a $450 refundable deposit required to be on our waiting list and reserve your Bulldog puppy. The balance is due when you pick up your new English Bulldog puppy and take him or her home.

Place your 24 hour hold deposit now! We do not hold puppies without a deposit under any circumstances. Total Deposit required to hold a puppy is 35% of the adoption fee posted. You can pay from $620 to make sure your baby is held and secured immediately.

Note: Our English bulldog puppies can be held and prepared for pickup only after a $620 deposit has been paid.
Note: Balances are due by 6 weeks of age. If your baby is over 6 weeks old, full payment is required. Please remit your balance via one of the options on our Payments page. 

Deluxe Bulldogs puppies are priced from $800 to $2500. Your deposit of $450 on Deluxe Bulldogs waiting list locks in your price regardless.

If you were to make a $450 deposit and at 7 weeks it becomes evident that the Bulldog puppy you have chosen to adopt is of show quality it does not matter. You have locked your price at X amount and it will not be increased.  

All Deluxe Bulldog puppies and dogs are raised underfoot and in our home, vet checked, de-wormed and have received all necessary shots to ensure a happy and healthy English Bulldog. New English Bulldog owners are provided with a written guarantee of shot records and all such care along with your contract.

Deluxe Bulldogs guarantees our English Bulldogs against genetic defects for one year. If any genetic defects are diagnosed (and, for the record, never have been) we will replace your English Bulldog at no charge with one of equal or lesser value.

All Deluxe Bulldog puppies are sold as pets (with showing privileges) unless otherwise negotiated and noted in the contract.

The contractual agreement requires that you spay/neuter your puppy on or before 6 1/2 months of age. Upon proof of such, AKC registration papers will be mailed to you.

Deluxe English Bulldog puppies are released for placement in forever homes when our veterinarian with us both agree the puppies are ready to leave. This determination is made based on weaning, eating solid food, being of proper weight, crate training and a number of other factors that ensure a happy English Bulldog as well as happy new English Bulldog owners.

DELUXE BULLDOGS is located in Snellville, Georgia & Pennsylvania PA where most of our dogs and puppies are bred and raised. We do however, offer transportation for an additional fee depending on your location. We  will ship and deliver your puppy to your home town, we could also doorstep deliver to your home that is, ship and drop off your Puppy directly at your home address. Pick up or delivery arrangements will be on scheduled date.

If you’re ready to adopt an English Bulldog of your own or if you have more questions about English bulldogs before you’re ready to provide one with a forever home please contact us here.
Thank you!



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That is our focus and that’s exactly what we do. We breed the best bulldogs by breeding with proven pedigrees. Many generations of our own bloodline has given us more confidence than ever in what we are doing.

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Welcome to Deluxe Bulldogs. I am genuinely thankful for our brand of bulldogs. They have brought my family and myself so much joy and laughter. I am confident that like me, you will see something just a little different – something uniquely better in our bulldogs. My love of dogs goes back to my childhood, and they are still a constant source of fulfillment. When I discovered bulldogs they took this passion to a new level. Now I can sincerely say that you do not understand what you are missing until you own a bulldog!

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