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Deluxe Bulldogs For Sale is home of beautiful quality and healthy AKC English bulldog puppies for adoption USA Canada. Breeder of cutest English bulldogs and French bulldogs. Merle Rare Color Tri Color triple carrier lilac tan blue eyes merle pets for sale

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About Us

Based in Southwest Georgia, Deluxe Bulldogs has been breeding rare and specialty breed English Bulldogs as the perfect family pets for decades.
As a family breeder from the Southwest Georgia, we specialize in standard and rainbow-colored and English bulldogs. We fell in love with bulldogs few years ago, after owning our first English Bulldog, we realized that we had to share this wonderful breed with other pet lovers out there, so that they could experience what a joyful companion they are! We decided to breed them to share our passion. The breed is close to our hearts, and we couldn't ever be without them.

We are home breeders as well as animal lovers and we have the experienced to assist and educate our customers in every aspect of English Bulldog ownership. We have been raising dogs for over years and this breed has become our favorite after being around various breeds. The English Bulldog being so small and compact has proven to be the most ideal apartment and condo canine companion. We have also realized that the English Bulldog adapts very well outdoors.

Living off our dogs is not our purpose but living for them is what we strive for. We do not breed to make money rather we money to better our breeding. We are hobby breeders so we do not depend on breeding as a business. We only do it for the sake of experience and for the love of the breed Our commitment here is to provide to you the most beautiful English Bulldogs. These puppies are raised in the same environment with our kids and other few pets in the house with lots of socialization. If you have been in search of a English Bulldog Pet then look no more, Your journey ends here.

As a small family, we breed as part time and to gain some experience in the breed. Quality is our number one target and meeting the breed standards, health, conformation and temperament are what we strive for. We aim to breed bulldogs of the highest-quality that fit the English bulldog breed standard. Our team intend to breed for type, temperament, and soundness for this excellent breed. As always, our priority is the health and quality of our dogs and their offspring. We breed our bitches with selected bloodlines and health-tested stud dogs to ensure their quality. 
For us, raising a puppy is not easy but finding the right home for that puppy is a bigger task, we love them and so the homes that they spend the rest of their lives in is a big factor for us. We know that by now you know you are in the right place and you must surely find our next companion here with us. Our main focus is on providing very good quality English Bulldogs so that our customers can be satisfied at the end of the purchase. We do all what is necessary to get your trust and fulfill your expectation because it is the right thing to do.

Our dogs are not only for our breeding program; they are part of our family. They are brought up in our family home and are our beloved pets. They have never been kept in kennels, and they are extremely happy in our busy home environment. Our bullies are well socialized, polite, and happy, and they adore people, especially children. Our girls are not only pets, they are our forever loving friends.

Our yard of 90 acres is where our boys and girls are taking their walks and exploring all the beauty around it. They enjoy meeting our guests quite often, and those who are dog lovers really have loved our boy and girls. We constantly show our love for our boys and girls throughout the day, and we very much appreciate their intelligence and personalities. Our males more closely favor their English bulldog father in size and appearance.They are standard sized.
They have all had their first and second set of shots implying that they are all vet checked and up to date on all shots and vaccines and are now ready and fit to move into new homes with their new owners, 9 to 10 weeks is just a perfect age for re-homing. We breed more of family oriented pets than actually show dogs. Our English Bulldogs have been to homes as therapy dogs for autism, cancer recovery, loss of a loved one, persons prone to seizures and many other challenges people have faced.
Deluxe Bulldogs has delivered new family additions all over the USA and Canada. We hand deliver our rare English Bulldogs to your family, no matter where you live.
Trust our years of experience to deliver an English Bulldog for your family with vibrant and specialty colors. Our puppies are exceedingly strong in health for a lifetime of perfect companionship and a charming, warm personality.

AKC Certified bloodlines, all bulldogs and puppies from Deluxe Bulldogs are of the highest quality since we spend so much dedicated time from day one raising our English bulldog pups.

Plus, Deluxe Bulldogs is proud to offer standard and tri colored English bulldogs. Yes, considerably lighter and smaller in stature than the regular size English bulldogs. our minis will fit any family or home. We are also pleased to announce the addition of new specialty colors of Tri colored English Bulldogs: lavender, black and tan, and blue!

We are taking orders and reservations now, so please contact us today to see how the Deluxe Bulldogs commitment to excellence means more for our family.


About Me
That is our focus and that’s exactly what we do. We breed the best bulldogs by breeding with proven pedigrees. Many generations of our own bloodline has given us more confidence than ever in what we are doing.

OUR FOUNDER: Scott Morales


Welcome to Deluxe Bulldogs. I am genuinely thankful for our brand of bulldogs. They have brought my family and myself so much joy and laughter. I am confident that like me, you will see something just a little different – something uniquely better in our bulldogs. My love of dogs goes back to my childhood, and they are still a constant source of fulfillment. When I discovered bulldogs they took this passion to a new level. Now I can sincerely say that you do not understand what you are missing until you own a bulldog!

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